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We help Family Businesses become Business Families.
Our Vision
Our ongoing vision is to continue to be the premier company in Montreal helping business families address the major succession challenge; that is, how to divide the rewards, ownership and authority of their family businesses in a manner that is fair to the family and the business.

The BJC Team believes that the great prosperity we have enjoyed as a society is directly associated to the efforts of our successful entrepreneurs and the businesses that they have built. We feel privileged in having the opportunity to work with business owners and their families in helping them preserve and protect the great organizations that they have created. Our work with business-owning clients ensures that what they have produced will be preserved for the benefit of both their families and the community as a whole.


Core Values

  Unique Ability: Each Team member excels at his / her roles and responsibilities.
  Progress to Perfection: Our internal coaching system allows the BJC Team to grow and always strive for perfection.
  "Sharp Company Principle": BJC's image is important to its entire Team, as such our goal is to offer our clients exceptional service.
  Integrity and Responsibility: We propose cost effective plans based on our clients' needs and financial situation. We follow-through on all commitments to our clients and offer lifetime servicing.