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We help Family Businesses become Business Families.
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Pass the Torch

Our planning allows the next generation to transition into the family succession plan. The BJC Team works with The Business Family Manual, a unique tool that ensures that in addition to the physical and financial assets of your business, you also pass down your accumulated knowledge and wisdom so as to ensure continued success in the future.


Collaborating with Your Advisors Will Make the Plan Work

BJC collaborates with your existing advisors in order to gain an in depth understanding of your corporate structure as well as their perspective of your estate review. Thus, BJC becomes integrated into your advisory team so as to develop estate strategies that maximize the capital available for the future.

At times, the combination of sensitive family dynamics and technical complexity may leave business families with "decision paralysis" regarding important matters. When this happens, professional advisors (accountants, lawyers, tax advisors, investment advisors, bankers, etc.) can often feel frustrated when they are unable to exercise their responsibility to ensure that affairs are well structured for both the present and the future.

In such situations, BJC meets with all of the generations involved in order to bridge any gaps and offer strategic solutions to the issues at hand. Further, we think of your advisors as welcome partners, it takes focused teamwork to implement a complex transition plan successfully. We work with all parties involved in order to build your strategy efficiently, flawlessly, and professionally.


Our Products:

  Retirement and Insurance Planning for Shareholders
  Partnership Insurance
  Key Man Insurance
  Tax Exempt Savings Plans for Children and Grand-Children
  Partner Buy-Out and Exit Strategy Plans
  Back to Back Annuities
  Disability Insurance
  Individual Plans
  Pension and Retirement Compensation Agreements



The Groundwork for Success

BJC's unique Exit Strategy Process will allow you to achieve four clear objectives in order to ensure that your business continues to thrive:

  Clear Goals Clarify business and personal situations so as to identify specific goals.
  Financial & Insurance Solutions Develop and pursue the solutions that will support your goals.
  Reduce Costs Ensure that your solutions are tax-effective and will be implemented at the lowest possible cost.
  Ongoing Support Continued development of your plan with detailed annual performance reviews.


Business Strategies for Minimizing Taxes