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We help Family Businesses become Business Families.
Our Process
BJC has developed a unique process that will allow you to achieve an optimal transition by avoiding the common pitfalls in succession planning. Tried and true, our method guarantees the best results for all parties involved and ensures that both your family and your business are well taken care of.

The Business Family Manual

We work with you to integrate your knowledge, assets and business plan into a comprehensive Business Family Manual. The manual serves as your successors' guide moving forward. The Business Family Manual is a unique tool developed by BJC in order to ensure the flawless transition of a business to the next chapter of our clients' planning process.

The Business Family Manual includes several Breakthrough Strategies:

PDF #1 – The Single Estate Trap
PDF #2 – The Family Connector
PDF #3 – Write Your Rulebook
PDF #4 – The Exit Simulator
PDF #5 – The Family Exit Plan
PDF #6 – The Family Fairness Plan™
PDF #7 – The Business Will™
PDF #8 – Beyond the Transaction
PDF #9 – The Connected Estate Plan
PDF #10 – The Business Family Manual