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We help Family Businesses become Business Families.
Ben-Jac Capital Inc. (BJC) focuses on family succession, transition and estate planning solutions for business family owners.

Our proprietary Business Family Confidence Program is designed to help families with the eventual transition of their business and wealth in order to guarantee an efficacious succession plan. 

BJC is a leader in the insurance market and offers professionals and entrepreneurs an extensive selection of life insurance products which includes annuities, disability and critical illness plans.

Safeguard Your Family and Assets It is a sad fact that 85% of family businesses fail in the second generation and that when they fail, the family loses more than money.  They also lose the wisdom, knowledge, experience, purpose and values built over decades of hard work, careful planning and successful management.
The Three Worlds The Three Steps Family Matters
1. Family
2. Business
3. Ownership

Clearly separating, defining and documenting these three areas ensures that the next generations are prepared to succeed, thus allowing the transition from a Family Business to a Business Family.

Although the majority of our clients have begun their planning prior to seeking our services (trusts, wills, estate freezes, insurance, etc.), they remain unaware of the tools that will allow them to plan efficiently for future generations. As such, our process begins with the careful consideration of the following questions:


1. What will it cost to implement the current plan?
We identify how you can minimize estate tax liabilities, by using the insurers capital rather than yours, in order to conserve family funds.

  2. Will your successors know how to follow your plan?
We work with you to give your successors the tools they need to succeed.
  3. What knowledge will allow your family to run the business and ensure its continuity?
We ensure that your wisdom, knowledge, experience, expertise and vision are communicated to future generations.
80% of the world's businesses are family owned, but only 30% of these businesses are successfully transferred to the second generation.