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We help Family Businesses become Business Families.
Our Business Model
BJC is based in Montreal, Canada, and specializes in helping entrepreneurs and business-owning families plan and prepare for the eventual transition of their company, either to the next generation or to an entirely new ownership; to meet this objective, BJC uses life insurance products in order to multiply the capital available so that both the business and family goals can be achieved.

Our Business ModelThe Challenge:

In our years of helping entrepreneurs and business owners with transition planning, we have discovered that most clients have the accumulated wisdom and experience to know intuitively what they should be doing; at the same time few have articulated or communicated a game plan clearly, and even fewer possess an understanding of their financial requirements and how they will be funded, most likely due to a lack of knowledge on where to begin in this matter.

Our Solution:

  The Vision Statement captures what you would like to accomplish in the future.
  The Family Fairness Plan outlines the game plan that you want your successors to implement in your absence.
  The Exit Simulator allows you to simulate your succession plan before it happens. Through "role play", this process will show whether your plan will work and clarify its capital requirements.
  The Family Funding Report specifies the capital requirements of your plan and determines the appropriate amount of permanent life insurance coverage needed to support the plan.
  Our Internal Specialist excels at customizing permanent life insurance plans that can be funded through an accelerated premium payment plan. Some of the benefits of the plans offered by BJC include high tax sheltered cash value, tax free death benefit, capital dividend account and zero cost plans.
  Our Dedicated Service Team provides annual reviews of your plans and insurance portfolio.
  Team Players, BJC differentiates itself by offering its clients a lifetime of service through its Team members as opposed to a single broker organization.
  Confidentiality is important to BJC, all of our Team members have signed a confidentiality agreement.
  Our Marketing Strategy is mostly based on the referrals provided by our existing clients. We take the time to really listen and understand our clients' families and businesses. We believe that every family is unique and it is through this "uniqueness" that we find creative solutions.